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PRIME Minister James Marape commended Kerowagi MP Francis Kikin for adopting a very good slogan ‘‘Leave No Kerowagi Behind’.

PRIME Minister James Marape commended Kerowagi MP Francis Kikin for adopting a very good slogan ‘‘Leave No Kerowagi Behind’.

Kerowagi MP, Francis Kikin welcomes Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape to Kerowagi as soon as he arrived to commission Kerowagi development projects.

February 7, 2023


“You have created a motto that is in consistent with my Government vision ‘take back PNG, when you leave no Kerowagians behind, you are taking back Kerowagi. “I applaud you for initiating development projects within only six months of sitting in office as Kerowagi MP,” Marape said.


The Prime Minister was given the honor to cut ribbons to commission the projects valued at K5million, the first batch of money MP Francis Kikin has received from the MarapeRosso Government.


MP Kikin said his district budget is targeting towards achieving the Government’s bigger vision Medium Term Development Plan III and ‘taking back PNG’


“With the aspirations of Kerowagi District Administration and the District development Authority (DDA) and relevant development partners, we developed a vision ‘Leave No Kerowagi Behind’ to complement the Marape/ Rosso Government’s vision,” Kikin said.


He said since his district’s priorities are aligned with the Provincial and National Government’s visions and aspirations the 2023 district budget prioritizes re-development of basic rural infrastructures and economic advancements.


MP Kinkin’s first six months in office since his declaration on August 10, 2022 was adamant deliver quality basic services to the 93, 107 people of Upper Kornigle, Lower Koronigle, Gena-Waugla and Kup Local Level Governments.


Finance and National Planning Minister Renbo Paita highly commended MP Kikin for initiating key development projects and achieved some that PM Marape commissioned.


He said the MP was in office for only six months but has achieved and delivered projects like an experienced MP who was in Parliament for many terms.


Paita told a huge crowd of Kerowagians who braved a heavy down pour to listen to Guests and Prime Minister that with MP Kikin in the Kerowagi hot seat, they are heading for a good services flow next five years.