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Kerowagi District Development Authority

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Law and Order

Safety and security are paramount in Kerowagi District. We are committed to maintaining law and order and creating a safe environment for everyone. We have a strong police force and a network of community watch groups that work together to deter crime and keep our communities safe.

Law and Order

The Kerowagi Police Force is responsible for maintaining law and order in the Kerowagi District. It is headed by the District Police Commander, who is assisted by a number of officers. The Police Force has a number of stations and outposts throughout the district. The Mobile Squad is a specialized unit of the Police Force that is responsible for responding to serious crimes and disturbances. It is also responsible for providing security for VIPs and other high-risk individuals. Barawagi Prison is a maximum-security prison located in the Kerowagi District. It is the only prison in the district and is used to house convicted criminals. The prison is operated by the Department of Corrections.


The Kerowagi Police Force works closely with the Mobile Squad and Barawagi Prison to ensure the safety and security of the district. The Police Force also works with other government agencies, such as the District Administration Office and the Department of Education, to promote community development and prevent crime.


The Kerowagi Police Force is committed to providing quality police services to the people of the Kerowagi District. The Force is always looking for ways to improve its services and to better meet the needs of the community.