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At Kerowagi District, education is a cornerstone of our progress. In this section, you can explore comprehensive information about the educational landscape we offer. Discover details about our schools, scholarship opportunities, and innovative educational initiatives that shape the minds of our future leaders. We also provide scholarships and other financial assistance to help students reach their full potential

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The quality of education in Kerowagi District is variable. The government-run schools are generally well-equipped and have qualified teachers. However, the private schools are often better-resourced and can provide a higher standard of education.


The government of Papua New Guinea through KDDA office is working to improve the quality of education in the country. However, there is still a long way to go. The lack of resources, the remoteness of many areas, and the cultural barriers to accessing education all pose challenges to improving education in Kerowagi District and other parts of Papua New Guinea.


The DDA is also working to improve the education system in the district. The DDA is funding the construction of new schools and the renovation of existing schools. The DDA is also providing scholarships to students to help them continue their education.


In addition to the government-run schools, there are also a number of non-formal education programs in Kerowagi District. These programs are designed to provide adults with basic literacy and numeracy skills. The DDA is also supporting these programs to help adults improve their lives.


The education system in Kerowagi District is facing a number of challenges. However, the KDDA and other organizations are working to improve the system and provide quality education to all children and adults in the district.