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‘LEAVE no Kerowagi Behind’ is the motto adopted by Kerowagi MP Francis Siune Kikin when he won the seat in the General Election 2022 (GE22).

‘LEAVE no Kerowagi Behind’ is the motto adopted by Kerowagi MP Francis Siune Kikin when he won the seat in the General Election 2022 (GE22).

September 19, 2023

‘LEAVE no Kerowagi Behind’ is the motto adopted by Kerowagi MP Francis Siune Kikin when he won the seat in the General Election 2022 (GE22).

Uniquely in his effort to recognize every one irrespective in Kerowagi district, MP Kikin decided to celebrate PNG’s 48th Independence anniversary with the marginalized members of the community.

He visited the disabled children and teachers at Mingende Catholic Mission Callan Services last Friday, he was with disabled children with vision (eye) and hearing (ear) impaired.

Vision impaired children learn through braille writing and reading while hearing impaired children learn to do sign language.

MP Kikin told the disabled children and their teachers that his visit to them on this 48th Independence anniversary is not the first and last, he assured he will continue to visit them for the remaining four years of this 11th National Parliament.

He then visited sick patients at St Joesph’s Mingende Rural Hospital and shared food stuff with them and wished them fast recovery.

Hospital staff who spoke at the visit praised MP Kikin for being the first ever Kerowagi MP to visit them at such special occasion of the country’s independence anniversary.

MP Kikin accompanied by his wife Susan and electoral staff then visited the Barawagi prison inmates and remands, prison officers, their family members held a rousing welcome reception for the MP.

He assured them that he would do his best to bring relevant Government officers involved in parole for prisoners to come and process and release some of them.

“Some of you are not supposed to be here but you are here for abuse of process and some law enforcement officer’s negligence to perform their duties and responsibilities,” Kikin said.
Another disable school in Kerowagi station was lucky to host MP Kikin and his wife Susan, they were presented with Simbu spear and bilums as a sign of respect of leaders.

The latter part of his visit, MP Kikin visited the Kerowagi Hospital to find staff hosting a well disserved reception for them. They were presented with gifts and requests to help improve the facilities.

MP Kikin funded cultural shows for Kerowagi district at three different locations of Kerowagi town for Gena-Waugla, Upper/ Lower Kerowagi Local Level Governments, at Kerenga a separate show staged for Kup LLG and the people of Gena No1 the north-eastern end held their show at Nogar village.

MP Kikin flew to these three locations in a helicopter to deliver his 48th Independence anniversary messages.
“My message to the 94, 000 people of Kerowagi is I am here to pass on special independence anniversary greetings from the Marape/ Rosso Government and to celebrate with you,” he said.
He said over the past 48 years, MPs come and go, today is my time I have a vision to deliver services to every Kerowagians irrespective as the motto ‘leave no Kerowagi behind’ clearly stated.

“District administration and public servants please help me to serve the 94, 000 people of Kerowagi district,” Kikin said.

He acknowledged the participation of people of Jiwaka Province from North Waghi, Anglimp South Waghi and Jimi district who have come to participate in the show.

“I have a vision to open up a road connection between Kerowagi and Jimi in Jiwaka Province, so fresh garden produce and coffee to come out easily from Jimi district,” Kikin said.
Earlier MP Kikin in gearing towards his motto, MP Kikin initiated a good number of development projects in his first 12 months in office.

He invited Prime Minister James Marape to launch a first K20 million development projects including opening of Kerowagi District Office building and launch of Kerowagi district five year development plan.
Every sector was captured in the plan, transport infrastructures developments in maintenance and constructions and reconstructions of roads and bridges were the top priorities.

He said all economic rural roads in the district especially Koronigle to Nogar in Gena-Waugla, Kup road and Kerowagi-Bogo road and the Deng – Kewamugl and Moroma roads were the priority ones.

“Anywhere in Kerowagi people are living, I am giving my best to ensure they are connects to the main roads or have access to basic services, as my motto says,” he said.