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Kerowagi District in Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea, experienced a vibrant Independence Day celebration on September 16, 2023. The event, hosted by the local Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Francis Kikin Siune, marked a significant milestone for the district, as it had been neglected for over 20 years by previous regimes.

The festivities were divided into three locations within the district (Kerowagi town, Kup LLG, and Gena-Nogar) as a crowd control measure. During his Independence Day speech, the MP emphasized the importance of self-reliance and the need for a change in attitudes and cooperation to transform government services and improve the lives of the people in the district.

MP Hon. Francis Kikin Siune raised a thought-provoking question during his speech, asking whether Papua New Guinea (PNG) was truly independent after 48 years of self-governance or if it still remained dependent on external forces. He defined independence as the state of no longer being reliant on former colonizers and stressed the need for self-reliance in all aspects of the country’s development, including physical, social, and economic progress.

The three-day Independence Day celebration in Kerowagi District was a grand affair, featuring a variety of cultural performances, live music, plays, food stalls, and games. The event attracted people from five other districts in Simbu Province, as well as neighboring Jiwaka and Mt Hagen provinces, making it a truly inclusive and unifying experience for the region.

The first two days of the celebration showcased traditional dancers, string bands, and plays at the three designated locations. On the final day, the main arena in Kerowagi town came alive with performances by renowned Papua New Guinean artists, including Leonard Kania, Lista Serum, K-Dumen, and Uralom Kania.

This event was not only the first of its kind in the district but also the largest, demonstrating the MP’s commitment to bringing social activities and developments to Kerowagi District.The was a resounding success, thanks to the efforts of local MP Hon. Francis Kikin Siune.


The event not only brought joy and entertainment to the people but also served as a platform for discussing the concept of true independence and the importance of self-reliance in Papua New Guinea. As the country approaches its 50th jubilee in two years, it is crucial for all citizens to reflect on their progress and work towards achieving genuine independence in all aspects of their lives.