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Historic Visit by Distinguished Leaders Marks the End of a Memorable Church Crusade

Historic Visit by Distinguished Leaders Marks the End of a Memorable Church Crusade

The Gena Nogar tribe in Kerowagi District recently welcomed a historic visit by three distinguished leaders: Hon. Francis Kikin Siune, MP for Kerowagi; Hon. Noah Kool, MP & Governor for Chimbu; and Hon. John Kaupa MP for Moresby North East. The leaders were accompanied by the Provincial Police Commander, the Provincial administration team, and the Kerowagi district team.


The visit was to preside over the closing ceremony of a week-long church crusade, a momentous event that brought together congregations from across Gena Waugla. The crusade was a success, thanks to the dedicated organizing committee, whose hard work and commitment ensured its success.


The leaders’ visit was a significant event for the Gena people, and it will undoubtedly be etched in their memories for years to come. The leaders’ presence showed their support for the church and the community, and it inspired the people to continue to live their lives in accordance with Christian principles.


The leaders also took the opportunity to meet with the community leaders and discuss issues affecting the area. They promised to work with the community to address these issues and improve the lives of the people.


The Gena people are grateful to the leaders for their visit and for their commitment to helping the community. They are confident that the leaders’ support will help to make Gena Waugla a better place to live.